Monday, April 23, 2012

The Long and Winding Road

Hello from North Carolina! I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post. It feels more like a year has gone by instead of thirteen days. I am pretty sure I have aged ten years in these last weeks.  Where to begin? I guess the beginning is as good as anywhere in this twisted tale.

It took the movers twelve hours to get us packed. They didn't finish up until after eight that night. We finally got to eat dinner, and rush back to the house to get it cleaned. At midnight, we crashed. Four in the morning came wayyyyyy too soon, but we had to get going.

The eight and a half hours to Knoxville was uneventful, but exhausting. I was nervous that I wasn't going to make it. I had to follow Mr.T., as he was pulling the trailer. Being tired and driving through an unknown area isn't the best plan when you aren't the lead car. Thankfully, we made it in one piece.

The highlight of the day was having dinner with our old friends. We haven't seen them since we lived in Georgia over six years ago. It was like a day hadn't passed. I wish I had more energy and time to have spent with them. We made plans to go camping this summer, though, so I am super excited for that. We crashed EARLY that night.

The next morning, we got up and hit the road. The drive through the Smokey Mountains was breathtaking. I remember having the fleeting thought that after going through such beauty, if the new place was nothing close to that, what a let down it would be. ((foreshadow, much?))

Six and half hours later, we were here. How do I describe the area gently? Saying it looks like a war-zone is being kind. Let me go-ahead and warn those of you who do not like cussing, you might want to not read the next paragraph. In fact just scroll down until you see the BOLD font telling you it's clear to read again, mmkay?

Ok, are all the sensitive readers out of here? Good. Because here is what I really think of this city. It is a fucking garbage dump. It is filthy, disgusting and if a fucking nuclear bomb went off, it would probably be an improvement. I have NEVER been anywhere else that is so putrid. That is saying a lot being that I come from Memphis.

It's all clear now, come on back, y'all. We got to the rental house. One look and I was like--- NO. It was horrible. Dirty, neglected, and in a neighborhood that I would never feel safe in. We loaded everyone up and headed to Raleigh for the night.

I was exhausted. Funny how I only thought I was tired at that point. If I had only known then...

The next morning, we got up and regrouped. I got on Craigslist and found a property. We drove over and did a quick walk-though. Notice what I just said. QUICK. The house is a good size, in a decent neighborhood, somewhat close to Mr.T.'s  job. I noticed the house looked like it needed a quick sweeping and dusting, but that was really all I could see. There was no electricity on, so I couldn't really get a good look at most rooms. We agreed it would suffice, and went to sign the lease.

Back to Raleigh and the hotel we went. That was Friday. We spent Saturday just hanging out in Raleigh. It is a very nice city, and I was happy to have a break finally. Sunday, we decided to head over to the new house to get ready for the movers who were coming on Monday. I also needed to do the pre-move-in walk-through checklist for the rental company.

And, that is when it happened. The bottom fell out. Once I got into the house, and took the time to walk around and actually LOOK at each room, I realized just how screwed I was. The house was FILTHY. Absolutely, horrifically disgusting. Whoever lived here previously had probably never once cleaned it.

I have very serious OCD. That is not a joke. I make light of it most of the time, but in situations like this, it is a very real problem. Not only does it compel me to go overboard with my need to scrub everything, but it can actually make me neurotic.

I spent the next several days scrubbing everything my arms could reach. The movers delivered our belongings on Monday. The water and electricity were finally turned on late Tuesday. Wednesday the satellite was turned on. Have I mentioned our cells phones don't work here? Yeah, cause they don't.  I haven't talked to anyone on the phone in forever now. I need to go get a house phone so I can have contact with the outside world again. Sigh.

While the satellite guy was here, he mentioned his wife is a house keeper. I casually passed that intel on to Mr.T. One phone call later, and he told me to lay down my mop. After four days of cleaning, I could stop, because a cleaning crew was coming the next day to clean the upstairs.

Six hours later and the two-women team had the upstairs finished on Thursday. That was late that day, but I could finally start to unpack. Eleven PM, on Thursday, one week and one day after we left Arkansas, Tommy and I finally had our bed assembled, and we crashed for the night for the first time in our new temporary home.

We have spent the last four days unpacking. I would say we are probably half way there. We have had several long stretches of breaks, to go grocery shopping, to go shopping for supplies and new furniture. But, after busting our asses all day yesterday, the house is starting to feel a lot better to me.

I could tell it had an effect on me. Having more of the house settled, and with it being cleaner that it has been since I first laid eyes on it, I am little by little relaxing. Which is a good thing. Because, y'all, I basically lost my shit for a few days.

I know up there, in those paragraphs up above this, I kinda glossed over a few days, and just said I spent it cleaning. What I failed to mention is that I totally had a break down on last Tuesday. I would say in the twelve years we have been together, that is the one and only time Mr. T. has seen me hysterical. I just couldn't take it. I had no electricity or water, the house was just nasty, and I was totally exhausted. I have never in my life been that tired. It was just too much. And, well, I snapped.

Thankfully, my snapping is less homicidal and more crying nonstop. Fortunately, nearly a week later, I am feeling better. I haven't warmed up to this place entirely, but at least I don't loathe it. I doubt I will ever like the area we are living in, but we plan on moving next year when the lease is up. I found an area I like a whole lot better, so I guess in the end it's a good thing we didn't rush to buy a house. The area we found is GORGEOUS and I know I will love living there.

And, so, that is the tale of our move. It was long, exhausting, trying, maddening and thankfully nearly over. In the twelve years we have been together, Mr. T and I have lived in ten houses now and moved to seven different states. This move was by FAR the hardest of them all. It was a true test on our marriage, our patience, and our sanity. I am relieved that we are in the home stretch now.

This is the first move that two weeks into it, I am not completely unpacked and settled. I have decided to just deal with it instead of letting it stress me out. It will get done when it gets done. I know for most people, that would seem obvious, but this is a bit of a breakthrough for me to accept. I am that girl that gets it done as soon as I move in, and usually by seven days after we arrive the house is totally decorated and unpacked. This time, I sorta don't care.

Hopefully, I will have a working phone soon. And hopefully, we will be able to park the cars in the garage soon. But, at least we are here, and that much is done. Home, sweet temporary home.

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  1. Can I make a teensy tiny itty bitty microspcopic request? Please please come back to me! I miss bloggy you!! It's like crack! I need it! lol