Friday, April 6, 2012

Great Friday

Let me count the ways that today has rocked my socks:
  1. James took a placement test this morning, and at eight years old will be starting SIXTH grade math this fall. How *I* managed to give birth to this child is still a wonder to me most days.
  2. We went to Chuck. E. Cheese for free today. Thanks to two coupons for twenty free tokens each, combined with a fifty-free ticket coupon- we scored big time. I even almost won the big ticket prize on "Deal or No Deal". I was this close. 
  3. I had cherry pie for a snack. Totally not diet friendly, but oh so good.
  4. My hair looks like someone who actually knew what they were doing (you know- someone who is not me) styled it. It looks so cute.
  5. It is sunny and gorgeous outside.
  6. The party pack for the House Party I won last week arrived. We will be playing Disney's Pixar Kinect Rush! tonite.
  7. We sold our house.
Wait- wha???? Yes!!! After lighting a fire under my realtor's ass on Wednesday, we finally had our first showing yesterday. And, just as I had said before, I knew if we could just get someone in the door the house would sell itself. We got an offer for the full asking price this morning. They want the fridge and our dining room table. I was like- you can have ALL the furniture, just buy the house!

Life is amazing. I don't believe in coincidences. We were supposed to move yesterday, but the movers delayed us to this coming Tuesday. Had we been moving, the house couldn't have been shown. And, we wouldn't have gotten this offer. It feels like domino pieces falling into line. 

So, have a great weekend, everyone! I know I will be!

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